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Before heading out on the water ...

get trained

check weather & tides

wear a lifejacket

avoid alcohol

keep in touch

Dial 999

Ask for the Coastguard

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Disclaimer: This website represents Newquay Coastguard and Newquay Coastguard Association, it is not an official site of  HM Coastguard or the Coastguard Association

Newquay Coastguard Association Committee Members

Chairman: Dave Bulley
Vice-Chairman: Andrew MacCreadie
Treasurer: Dan Hatfield
Almoner: Phil Emery
Secretary: Katherine MacCreadie

Newquay Coastguard Association

Treloggan Industrial Estate

Newquay TR7 2SX

Contact: Katherine MacCreadie


Affiliated member of the Coastguard Association

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The Coastguard Search & Rescue Service

The volunteer Coastguard Search & Rescue Service provides the UK’s coastal search and rescue capability and as part of HM Coastguard can operate separately or jointly with other emergency services and volunteer rescue organisations.

It consists of teams of Coastal Rescue Teams (CRTs) drawn from the local community and fully trained and equipped to carry out search and rescue operations around the coast of the UK.

Newquay Coastguard Rescue Team

The Newquay Coastguard Rescue Team is currently 14 local people from all walks of life, ranging from a self-employed plumber to a farmer, a BT engineer to a college lecturer. We volunteer our time to enhance HM Coastguard service and help people in need on the North Cornwall coastline.

All those involved are highly trained volunteers, providing emergency cover 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and responding in minutes to any incident on our coastline.

The team has a wealth of knowledge and experience, with members that have celebrated 30 years with the team, while others have been with us just over a year.

All our shouts are activated by Falmouth Coastguard via a paging system.

Our area or ‘guard’ as we call it, starts at Penhale Point (Penhale Army Camp) to Trenance Point which is just past Mawgan Porth.

As you can see our area encompasses all the major and busy Newquay beaches, hence we are probably one of the busiest teams in Cornwall.

Our guard, Penhale Point to Trenance Point

Newquay Coastguard Association

In February 2012 the team decided to set up as the ‘Newquay Coastguard Association’, affiliated with The Coastguard Association.

The Coastguard Association is a registered charity that provides help and financial support to Coastguards in need. It actively encourages Coastguard Rescue Teams to set up under their umbrella in order to raise money and keep money within their local area rather than it going to a central fund. The Coastguard Association provide all the necessary support and advice in the setting-up process.

By April the Newquay Coastguard Association was formed, allowing us to start raising funds for equipment and facilities that will help us to help those that find themselves in trouble along our coastline.

Our first ambition is to raise £8,500 for an all-terrain multi-use trailer

Left-right Phil Emery, Will Miller, Andrew MacCreadie (Deputy Station Officer), Dave Bulley (Station Officer), Nigel Pearce and Katherine MacCreadie receiving their Diamond Jubilee medals for over 5 years service

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